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F.X.S Sauerburger
Traktoren und Gerätebau

Innovation. Tradition. Passion.

The company

The family business F.X.S. Sauerburger GmbH is now run by the 9th generation. Directly in the heart of the Kaiserstuhl wine-growing region in Wasenweiler, a repair workshop for agricultural machinery was created in 1961 from a blacksmith’s workshop. In 1965, the company began manufacturing trailers and agricultural harrows. The close exchange of experience with our customers over the years has resulted in the current sales programme, in line with our slogan: From practice for practice.

our vision - From practice for practice

INNOVATION. TRADITION. PASSION. These are the principles with which we implement our vision every day: To develop reliable, comfortable and sustainable products for the specific applications of our customers.

Our vision is to develop and provide the best possible solutions for the different, sometimes very specific areas of application of our customers. Reliability, sustainability and ease of use are our top priorities across all product lines. We create trust through high quality standards and our personal support. Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of tractor and implement construction and the constant exchange with our customers, we regularly establish innovative new developments. For example, with our double-blade mowers you can mow in an insect-friendly manner and with an exceptionally low energy input. In our newly developed GRIP 4-70, you will experience a level of clarity and health-conserving comfort that is unique for this class of vehicle. In the field of mulchers, we are also the only manufacturer in the world with a working width of 9.5 metres. Convince yourself. We look forward to seeing you.

" If you knew how little you knew at the beginning of a design idea, you would often not start the project. "

Franz Xaver Sauerburger
Managing Director

Our company history

Blacksmithing Sauerburger

The beginnings of the Sauerburger company were in the blacksmith's trade.

Tractor repairs

At the beginning of the 1960s, Franz Xaver Sauerburger Senior started trading and repairing agricultural machinery.

The first PTO-driven rotary tiller

At the beginning of the 70s, we built our first PTO-driven tiller of the Pionier type.

The first narrow gauge tractor from Sauerburger

he first narrow gauge tractor from Sauerburger was built in 1981.

large surface mulcher Pegasus

In the mid-90s, the first "Pegasus" large-area mulchers were delivered. A machine that is still being developed and sold to this day

Yard Loader

In 2007, production of the yard loaders began; these had a power output of between 28 and 50 hp.

Slope tractor GRIP 4

In 2010, the F.X.S. Sauerburger company began developing the first Grip 4-95 slope equipment carrier.

Pegasus 9500

In its current design, Sauerburger offers the world's only flail mower with a working width of 9.5 m.

Double-blade mowers

In 2018, the Sauerburger company added the double-blade technology to its product range.

Innovation from Sauerburger

With the market launch of the GRIP 4-70, Sauerburger has further extended its innovation leadership in the two-axle mower category by implementing additional technical innovations, such as the centre cab and the rear engine. In 2022 we will introduce the GRIP 4-140. This vehicle will be another highlight with enormous innovations to the current vehicles.


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