Fence mulcher


for optimal maintenance of green strips, under fences and trees

Robust fence mulcher with hydraulically adjustable support wheel and variable support pressure of the mulching disc

Mechanical drive
Strongly dimensonized drive

ILTIS - Economic efficiency is the trump card

The strips still standing underneath the pasture fences after grazing or after mowing the pastures and paddocks can be kept clean with the ILTIS fence mulcher specially developed by SAUERBURGER for this purpose. There is no wild growth of
Nettles, thorns or other undergrowth that leaves an unkempt impression, especially along roads and paths. The mulched grass is distributed behind the swivel disc and returned to the soil as fertiliser after rotting.

Thanks to the robust, standard mechanical drive, which is provided by two high-performance V-belts, the unit can be attached to any tractor from approx. 22 kW/30 hp. In the design, attention was paid to a compact swivel mechanism in order to keep the mass to be moved as low as possible during the swivel process. The very flat mulching disc also ensures trouble-free operation at a very low fence height. The built-in spring relief allows the outrigger to easily adjust to uneven ground. In addition, a built-in spring preload, which can be adjusted via an adjusting screw, helps to adapt the swivel disc pressure to the respective conditions. Via a hydr. Height-adjustable support wheel allows the machine to be quickly and conveniently adapted to the respective terrain conditions

sauerburger-iltis-zaunmulcher-fence mower
Very flat swivel disc for driving under the fences
sauerburger-iltis-zaunmulcher- fence mower
Sliding plate under the swivel disc prevents injury to the grave scar
ILTIS 2000
ILTIS 2000 with hydro motor
Legende: * optional mounting for quick coupler FXS system or Euro 8
Swivel range
1,20 – 2,00 m
1,20 – 2,00 m
Swivel disc diameter
90 cm
90 cm
Height above swivel disc at 6 cm cutting height
32 cm
32 cm
Mounting variants
KAT II in Heck
KAT II in Front / Quick-change mount*
PTO shaft speed
540 rpm
Flow rate at max. 180 bar
24,5 L
260 kg
260 kg

Standard features

Mulching plate with 90 cm diameter
Mechanical drive via PTO
Three point rear mount cat. II
Pivoting support wheels in front
Hydraulically height-adjustable support wheel front right
Contact pressure adjustable via spring
Sliding plate underneath the knife
Branch-repellent cover above the mulching disc
Mechanical transport lock
Parking support
Hitch for FXS or EURO 8 quick coupler (here Iltis with hydro motor)

Special features

Cardan shaft with freewheel
hydraulic retraction of the mulching disc for transportation
Three-point hitch cat. I and II
Hydraulic drive
Front loader attachment (Euro 8 intake)
Yard loader attachment

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