Shredder BE

the specialist for straw, sunflowers, green manure and crop residues

for optimal shredding of corn, sorghum and cotton , for extremely short shredding even with corn straw.

High inlet opening
Good distribution of chopped straw in combine swaths
Large dimensonal rotor diameter

BE shredders - easy to pull and economical

The SAUERBURGER BE straw chopper is specially designed for economical use in stubble fields for chopping very large quantities of maize straw, cotton and sorghum. The high intake opening, the extremely large rotor diameter and the special shape of the housing give the machine the best prerequisites for handling and distributing high throughput in just one pass. The position of the discharge flap and the straw deflectors enable the straw swath to be distributed evenly over the entire width of the area.

By means of a quick-release fastener on the discharge flap, the roof of the machine can be closed in just a few steps. The shredder is therefore also suitable for shredding crop residues and catch crops or for maintaining fallow land.

Inside the housing there are two counter blades that the straw has to pass through. Due to their small distance from the blade, they ensure optimum shredding of the chopped material, which can then be easily incorporated with the cultivator.

It thus promotes rapid decomposition and humus formation, effectively helping to improve soil structure and control pests that are in the plants.

The depth control of the machine is adjusted via two large impellers. They ensure perfect scanning of the ground surface and provide an even cutting height.

The machine is driven by a very robust angular gear and a large-dimensioned V-belt drive (on both sides of the BE 3500 D and BE 4500 D). The dynamically balanced rotor of the machine runs extremely smoothly and thus guarantees a long service life of the complete unit. To reduce wear on stony ground, as well as for high area outputs, an additional baffle plate is recommended. It forms a buffer between the rotor and the housing and can be easily replaced after wear.

Straw baffles - optional
Automatic V-belt tensioner
BE 2600
BE 3000
BE 3500 D
BE 4500 D
Total width
2,60 m
3,00 m
3,50 m
4,50 m
Working width
2,40 m
2,80 m
3,20 m
4,00 m
PTO speed
540 rpm
1000 rpm
1000 rpm
1000 rpm
Number of V-belts
2×4 SPB
2×5 SPB
Number of tools
30 pair/pc.
36 pair/pc.
40 pair/pc.
52 pair/pc.
Power requirement
45 kW/60 HP
60 kW/80 HP
75 kW/100 HP
97 kW/130 HP
940 kg
1.200 kg
1.420 kg
1.700 kg

Standard features

Stable welded construction
Working shaft with 1 set of knives
1 x counter blade and 2 x ripping comb
Ejector flap height adjustable
Pneumatic support wheels and V-belt drive on BE 1700 to BE 2600 with mechanical tensioning device
For BE 3000, BE 3500 D and BE 4500 D with automatic V-belt tensioning device
Cardan shaft

Special features

Cardan shaft with freewheel
Baffle plate
Straw baffles
large support wheels

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