Power harrow


for gentle soil cultivation

Specially for use in viticulture, horticulture, orchards and nurseries

Strongly dimensioned drive
Robust construction
Smooth exterior surfaces
Short cultivation of pre-cultivator tines possible

SKE - The rotary harrow that fits your row!

The SAUERBURGER rotary harrows were developed for gentle soil cultivation in row crops. Smooth outer surfaces and the minimal difference between the outer width and the working width enable optimal work without damaging the vines or plants. The roundabout harrow ensures uniform crumbling and the production of a level seedbed without bottoming.

Storage system

Two large tapered roller bearings mounted in a cast iron housing with a large distance between them take up any axial and radial pressure on the tine carri The bearing is double sealed by a sealing lamella and shaft seal.

Circular bearing

with packer roller

SKE 1150

with packer roller

SKE 1000

Front attachment

SKE 1500

with tube support roller

Total width
Working width
Number of roundabouts
PTO shaft speed
Tractor class
SKE 1000
1,05 m
1,00 m
540 rpm
380 kg
20-44 kW
SKE 1150
1,15 m
1,13 m
540 rpm
400 kg
22-44 kW
SKE 1300
1,34 m
1,28 m
540 rpm
450 kg
25-44 kW
SKE 1400
1,42 m
1,40 m
540 rpm
470 kg
30-52 kW
SKE 1500
1,54 m
1,48 m
540 rpm
500 kg
30-52 kW
SKE 1750
1,75 m
1,73 m
540 rpm
540 kg
40-59 kW
SKE 1850
1,85 m
1,83 m
540 rpm
575 kg
45-65 kW
SKE 2000
2,03 m
2,00 m
540 rpm
620 kg
45-65 kW

Standard features

Heavy gearbox for PTO 540 rpm.
Circular speed 280 rpm.
Three-point hitch with adjustable hitch cat.I
Blade tines made of highly tempered special steel
Spring-loaded side plates and height-adjustable tube support roller 340 mm Ø without centre axle
Thick-walled spur gear housing with strong gears running in fluid grease

Special features

Front attachment
Rear- und Front attachment
Cardan shaft with overload protection
Superstructure seed drill electrically driven
Tooth packer roller
Güttler roller
Pre-cultivator with 2 tines rigid

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