Slope mulcher for rear mounting


for municipal use

for mulching embankments, ditches, roadsides and pathsides

Simple operation
optimal view of the mulcher
Extremely short design
Strongly dimensonized drive

CARAT - for municipal use

The SAUERBURGER rear slope mower CARAT is suitable for mulching slopes, ditches, road and path edges as well as level areas due to its large adjustment range. Tall grass or dense undergrowth are no obstacles for this universally applicable, robust tool.

The large adjustment range of + 90 to – 70° allows problem-free work in any terrain. The sturdy construction and mechanical drive ensure durability even under the heaviest use.


The working shaft, equipped with rotating universal flail blades, pendulum blades or wide flails, is balanced with the highest precision and guarantees vibration-free running and thus also a long service life of the machine.

The machine can be raised by 45 cm by means of the additionally installed upright hydraulic cylinder. In this way, the working area is enlarged and terrain adjustment is made much easier.

By using a front-rear combination with SIGMA, a large working width and high area output can be achieved.

for rear mounting

Overlap table for combination operation

Through the use of a front-rear combination, a
large working width and high area output can be achieved.

CARAT 1500
CARAT 1800
CARAT 2000
CARAT 2500
Legend: * Y-flail, **wide falil, ***swinging flail
Working width
1,50 m
1,80 m
2,00 m
2,50 m
PTO speed
540 rpm
540 rpm
540 rpm
540 rpm
Number of V-belts
Number of tools
36* / 12** / 48***
48* / 16** / 54***
48* / 16** / 54***
60* / 20** / 78***
1.100 kg
1.180 kg
1.220 kg
1.385 kg

Standard features

Stable frame construction
Mulching head can be used from -70° to +90°.
Working shaft equipped with a set of tools
Hydraulic linear adjustment with 660mm displacement path
large-sized gear
hydraulic collision safety device
Separate cylinder for height control of the mulching head
PTO speed 540 or 1000 rpm.

Special features

Baffle plate
Pendulum Flail
Working shaft with swing-through forestry flails Carat 1500-2000
Reinforced wall for working shaft
Reinforced bearing for working shaft
Reinforced wall for roller
Reinforced bearing for roller
Joystick control
Wear rings for roller
Lighting system

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