Pasture and area mulcher


for optimal maintenance of fallow land, pastures and meadows

for mulching and transporting away the mulch mass with the optional collection container

Stable value

MOSKITO - for mulching paddocks and recreational areas

SAUERBURGER has developed these implements especially for paddocks, recreational areas and wherever mulch has to be collected and transported away. The areas can be kept free of old grass, horse droppings, thorns, brushwood, hedge growth etc. with these special tools and thus serve to keep the landscape clean. Depending on the size and power of the tractor, SAUERBURGER offers two type series: MOSKITO for the lighter ones, with a power output from approx. 30 hp and the heavier WM series, which can be attached to machines with 50 hp.


The working shaft of the mulcher is fitted with wide forged hammer flails. The heavy hammer flails have a high suction effect, so that the mulch is better raised. Due to this suction effect, the horse manure is also lifted and transported into the collection container together with the grass. The implements are equipped with a linear lateral adjustment as standard, which enables offset working outside the tractor track.

The parasites found in the horse droppings, which are often also the cause of illnesses in the animals, are rendered harmless by the collection and considerably reduce the risk of illness. By means of a built-in control bar, however, the material can also be deposited over a wide area on the paddock or meadow behind the machine’s roller. The emptying of the large-volume collection tank is hydraulic and controlled from the tractor.

Cutting height adjustment Adjustable via running roller and top link

The machine is guided during work by a large diameter (219 mm) running roller. This is also used to adjust the cutting height. Fine adjustment is made on the upper link of the three-point linkage. Due to the short distance between the running roller and the work tools passing by, the running roller is permanently cleaned of wet mulch and sticky soil. Even with very uneven terrain, the running roller prevents the working tools from coming into contact with the ground, so that their wear is minimised.
incl. V-belt tensioner
Legende: *Y-Flail **Large Flail Hammer
Total width
1,80 m
2,10 m
Working width
1,50 m
1,80 m
Quantity of tools
Volume collection container
1,10 m3
1,30 m3
PTO speed
540 rpm
540 rpm
600 kg
720 kg

Standard features

hydr. Linear lateral displacement with 1xDW hydraulic cylinder (470mm displacement path
large-dimensioned height-adjustable roller
Robust angular gear
Working shaft with highly wear-resistant flails Wkz. 25376
Collection tank with hydraulic flap

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