Pasture and area mulcher


for pasture and area maintenance

for optimal maintenance of fallow land, set-aside, pastures and meadows. For mulching green manure, crop residues, maize and sunflowers.


Pasture and area mulcher WM

The Sauerburg Pasture and Area Maintenance Mulcher WM is ideally suited for the maintenance of fallow land, set-aside areas as well as pastures and meadows. They can also be used for mulching green manure and crop residues in vegetable production. Mulching of brushwood and lumber is also easily feasible. The working shaft, equipped with rotatable wide flails, is balanced with the highest precision and guarantees vibration-free running. In conjunction with a counter blade and beater bar, it produces an optimum chopping effect that leads to rapid rotting and humus formation. The roller is arranged in such a way that it is permanently cleaned by the flails running closely past it, thus preventing the roller from becoming clogged with mulch. It also serves to guide the height of the machine and, thanks to its large diameter and wide bearing surface, provides outstanding guidance and thus prevents unnecessary damage to the turf (standard scope of delivery). The additional runners also contribute to this effect.

The WM is available in a rear or a rear and front version.

In addition, the WM 3000 and WM 3300 are available in a special version with dam guide plates that enable the WM to be used as a potato haulm topper.
Since the baffles are screwed, the potato weed WM can also be used like a normal WM and is thus universally applicable all year round.

The potato haulm WM is supplied with support wheels and a roller as standard.


WM 2150
WM 2450
WM 2650
WM 3000
WM 3300
Legende:*wide flails, **Y-knives, ***pendulum knives; °rear version °°rear + front version
Total width
2,19 m
2,49 m
2,69 m
3,00 m
3,21 m
Working width
2,00 m
2,30 m
2,50 m
2,85 m
3,00 m
Number of V-belts
Number of tools
16* / 48** / 54***
20* / 60** / 60***
20* / 60** / 78***
24* / 72** / 96***
28* / 84** / 112***
PTO rpm
540° resp. 1.000°°
540° resp. 1.000°°
745 kg° resp. 850kg°°
840 kg° resp. 945kg°°
940 kg° resp. 1.000kg°°
1.065 kg° resp. 1.170kg°°
1.120 kg° resp. 1.300kg°°

Standard features

Hydr. Linear lateral displacement by 47cm to the right
Working shaft with interchangeable tools
2 x counter blade
Working shaft with highly wear-resistant forged wide flails
Three-point hitch
large-dimensioned height-adjustable roller 219mm
incl. Cardan shaft
PTO shaft speed 1000 rpm at H+F
PTO shaft speed 540 rpm at H
Height adjustable roller
Freewheel installed in the gearbox

Special features

Chain curtain
Double chain curtain
Grinding skids
Pendulum Flail
Baffle plate
Reinforced wall for working shaft
Reinforced bearing for working shaft
Reinforced wall for roller
Reinforced bearing for roller
PTO shaft rotation direction change through slip-on gearbox
Wear rings for roller
Mulch deposit in front of the roller including scraper
Lighting system + warning signs
Mechanical spring relief front
1 pair of front support wheels 10.0/75-15.3 rotatable with frame, mountable in the three-point

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