Side and slope mulcher


for optimal maintenance of embankments, ditches, set-asides and pastures

For mulching green manures, crop residues, grass and brushwood


SAUERBURGER ALPHA - the mulcher for clean slopes and ditch edges

The SAUERBURGER rear and side mulcher ALPHA Version GI is especially
suitable for the maintenance of slopes and ditches. A stable parallelogram adjustment on the three-point linkage with a wide range of adjustment enables problem-free working both directly behind the tractor and offset to the right. Field and path edges can be neatly mulched and kept free of unwanted growth of grass, hedges and other scrub. The unit is also ideally suited for use along slopes and ditches thanks to its swivel range of 90° upwards and up to 70 ° downwards.

The SAUERBURGER ALPHA mulcher also cuts a very good figure when chopping crop residues in arable farming, e.g. maize, straw, etc., as well as when maintaining meadows and pastures. It promotes rapid decomposition and humus formation, even grass growth, distributes cow dung and thus prevents heavy growth in certain areas. If an ALPHA version GA is used in conjunction with a SAUERBURGER WM 3000 mulcher mounted on the front hydraulics of the tractor, a total working width of up to 5.14 m can be achieved. (Siehe Schemazeichnungen für die diversen Typen). This combination of units enables enormous savings in time and costs.

In the very robust mulching head, there are impact bars at the inlet and in the housing In conjunction with the working tools, which can be adapted to the respective operating conditions, they ensure a very short and torn mulch or chaff. A track roller mounted close behind the flail shaft ensures precise height control and prevents the greatest possible ground contact in the event of unevenness, so that wear on the working tools is minimised.

This machine shows all the experience of 50 years of SAUERBURGER mulcher construction.


Version GI

Gearbox on the inside: Enables work right up to the edge of the slope when mulching.

Version GO

Gearbox on the outside: This allows a greater travel to the right.

ALPHA 1500
ALPHA 1850
ALPHA 2150
ALPHA 2650
Legend: *wide flails, **Y-flails, ***pendulum flail
Working width
1,50 m
1,80 m
2,00 m
2,50 m
PTO speed
540 rpm
540 rpm
540 rpm
540 rpm
Number of V-belts
Number of tools
12* / 36** / 48***
16* / 48** / 64***
16* / 48** / 64***
20* / 60** / 80***
685 kg
720 kg
790 kg
1.090 kg

Standard features

Rugged sheet steel housing construction
Impact rails at the inlet and in the housing
Working shaft with integrated bearing to protect against the ingress of foreign bodies
1 set of tools (universal flail blades or wide flails) according to Wah
Parallelogram adjustment with dw hydraulic cylinder
Internal gearbox with freewheel
large size gearbox 540 rpm
Drive via high performance V-belt
Cardan shaft

Special features

Wide angle cardan shaft
Hydraulic collision protection
Baffle plate
Pendulum Flail

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