Automatic grinding machine


fully automatic grinding process in highest precision

Optimum grinding result, fully automatic grinding, easy handling, can be used for all common types of knives.

Optimum sanding result
fully automatic grinding
easy handling
Can be used for all common types of knives

SAUERBURGER SBS automatic grinding machine

The SAUERBURGER SBS automatic grinding machine enables a fully automatic grinding process with the highest precision. The magnetic holding deviceallows the knife to be clamped onto the grinding machine without tools.Knife tensioner

Sensors attached to the machine detect the position of the blade, as well as missing blades. This information ensures a short grinding time, since the sensors detect missing blades and be skipped accordingly. At the end of the knifethe direction of rotation of the whetstone changes depending on the feed direction and thus guarantees burr-free regrinding of the cutting edge.

The wide-opening protective bonnet allows easy set-up of the grinding machine.

SBS 2500
SBS 3000
SBS 3500
SBS 4000
SBS 4500
SBS 5000
SBS 5500
SBS 6000
SBS 6500
SBS 7000
Grinding length
2,50 m
3,00 m
3,50 m
4,00 m
4,50 m
5,00 m
5,50 m
6,00 m
6,50 m
7,00 m

Standard features

Grinding stone Ø=80 Conical

Special features

Grinding Stone Ø=80 Cylindrical
Grinding Stone Ø=40 Cylindrical
Knife tensioner
Protective cover

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