Large-area rotary mulcher


for optimum maintenance of fallow land, pastures, airports or military installations

Ideal for mulching maize, straw and green manure

Strongly dimensioned drive
Hydraulic working height adjustment

CONDOR - The large area mulcher

On the SAUERBURGER large area roundabout mower CONDOR, the working height of the machine is adjusted via 3 double-acting hydraulic cylinders. The coupling of the towing device with the support wheels enables a parallel working height adjustment. In transport position, the side panels swing up 100° and thus the centre of gravity is shifted to the middle of the machine, which provides much more stability when driving on the road. The changeover from transport to working position is hydraulic and can be carried out within a few seconds.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Strongly dimensioned gearboxes and drive shafts with overload protection
  • clean cut
  • optimal comminution
  • easy setting
  • smooth surfaces
  • leicht zu reinigen
  • High inlet opening
  • Perfect mulching result even at high working speeds
  • Very good distribution of the mulch mass over the entire width of the machin

Technical solutions

Tandem tires (optional)
to reduce the ground pressure
Parallel guidance
of the mulcher with working height adjustment
Drawbar variants
Transport position
Stability due to large swivel angle
Hydraulic transport lock
Cutting width
5,00 m
6,20 m
7,30 m
Working width
5,33 m
6,53 m
7,63 m
Transport height
2,40 m
2,87 m
3,55 m
Transport width
2,95 m
2,90 m
2,80 m
PTO speed
1000 rpm
1000 rpm
1000 rpm
from 2550 kg
from 3300 kg
from 3512 kg
Cutting speed
90 m/s
90 m/s
90 m/s
Permitted transport speed
40 km/h
40 km/h
40 km/h
vertical load
990 kg
1050 kg
1130 kg
Axle load
1560 kg
2250 kg
2382 kg

Tools for Condor

The choice of working tools depends on the conditions of use. These vary in practice.
The following tools are offered with this device:

Shredder/mulching kit with 4 blades and 1 counter-knife

  • Angled bladkniveses at the bottom, two straight knives at the top and a fi xed counter-knife between them on each rotor.
  • Suitable for optimum shredding of plant residues and very large quantities of dry material.
  • Requires a higher power than the standard version.

Rotor complete with 6 knives

  • three angled knives mounted on the bottom and three straight knives on the top.
  • Suitable for very fine chopping.
  • Requires a higher power consumption.

Standard equipment - Rotor complete with 2 knives

  • Two angled knives on a knife carrier.
  • Suitablefor all types of cutting and chopping work.



Standard features

Drive via wide-angle cardan shaft
Overload protection via friction disk clutches on all 3/5 rotors
Strongly dimensioned gears
parallel working height adjustment via a control unit D.W.
9/15 hardened spring steel knife
3/5 large support discs underneath the knives
Nitrogen bladder for suspension of the undercarriage in transport position
4 large-sized support wheels (size 10.0/75-15.3), hydraulically foldable via a control unit D.W.
adjustable skids

Special features

Air brake system
BE for road transport
Tandem tires for Condor 5000 and 6200

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