Bedding device

Bedding device

Simple bedding - metered, time-saving and dust-reduced without effort, in passing

Suitable for litter materials such as sawdust and sawdust, separated manure, composts, chopped straw with residual stalk length of 10 to 15 cm and other litter materials.

Sauerburg Bedding Device EG

With the SAUERBURGER EG bedding device, you prepare a stable mattress for your animals from chopped straw, sawdust or other suitable bulk materials, without manual effort – simply by driving past.

Robust construction

The SAUERBURGER EG litter spreader consists of a sturdy sheet steel construction with two torsion-resistant pick-up bars at the rear. The front side or the receiving side consists of a scraper bar made of Hardox and two support profiles, which give the front side extreme rigidity. The side walls continue to open outwards. This is achieved by two beads each, which give the entire construction even more strength and thus more durability.

Because of its many setting options, the unit is one of the most versatile in its field of application:

  • The speed of the conveyor belt – two basic speeds through different sprockets is standard equipment
  • Number of tines (in pairs, individually or without tines)
  • The width of the ejection chute can be adjusted via the sliding plates with slotted hole.
Conveyor belt with two speeds
technical view
EG 1100
EG 1600
EG 1900
EG 2200
0,8 m3
1,2 m3
1,5 m3
1,8 m3
Conveyor belt width
30,5 cm
30,5 cm
30,5 cm
30,5 cm
Channel width
34,5 cm
34,5 cm
34,5 cm
34,5 cm
Tractor power
25 PS
40 PS
50 PS
50 PS
375 kg
470 kg
550 kg
610 kg
Outer width
1,11 m
1,61 m
1,91 m
2,21 m

Standard features

Hopper plate (with short metering plates)
large stirring tube with cranked and short straight tines
Belt speed 3.0 m/s at 20 L/min
Carrier vehicles with a hydraulic power of max. 50 L/min
Without recording

Special features

without hopper plate (with short metering plates)
Belt speed 5.0 m/s at 20 l/min
Carrier vehicles with a hydraulic power of max. 80 L/min resp. max.125L/min
various recordings (Schäffer, JCB Q-Fit, Manitou, MX Maileux, MATRBRO and others)

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