Flexible mulcher


for viticulture

With hydraulic linear width adjustment (1 x DW) With fixed center gearbox with through drive With ball bearing support wheels and running roller

Sturdy construction
Versatile use due to linear width adjustment
Compact design
Strongly dimensonized drive

CASTOR - Der Mulcher mit linearer                   width adjustment

The SAUERBURGER CASTOR with its seamless hydraulic width adjustment, offers the opportunity
to mow in rows of varying widths. The tried and tested technology of the fixed centre gearbox with
through drive and 2 further gearboxes that can be shifted on a hexagonal shaft
ensures a long service life with low operating costs.


Other advantages are:

  • Compact and robust device
  • a stable construction guarantees low-wear operation of the unit
  • fast cutting, reducing the operation time during high season
  • large over-cut between the knives even at full width
  • even distribution of the grass behind the machine
  • Large dimensioned front rollers ø219mm
  • Ball-bearing running wheels and a ball-bearing running roller at the rear, adjustable via upper link, enable problem-free cutting height adjustment
Compact and robust design
Large overlap of the knives also in max. working width, as well as stable cutter bar due to sandwich construction
Transport width
1,15 m
1,25 m
1,35 m
1,45 m
1,65 m
Working width
1,14 – 1,43 m
1,24 – 1,63 m
1,34 – 1,80 m
1,44 – 2,00 m
1,64 – 2,20 m
Total length
1,43 m
1,43 m
1,53 m
1,57 m
1,70 m
PTO speed
540 rpm
540 rpm
540 rpm
540 rpm
540 rpm
480 kg
510 kg
545 kg
565 kg
620 kg

Standard features

Stable sliding construction
Robust drive via three gearboxes connected to a hexagonal shaft
2 knife gyroscopes with 2 oscillating knives each
Double-acting lift cylinders for working width adjustment
Support wheels at the front and running roller at the rear for cutting height adjustment
Accident prevention device
Trailer hitch cat.I
Cardan shaft with overload protection

Special features

RüFahr incl. steering support wheels
Stick cleaner
Belt sprayer
Tool holder
Cardan shaft with overload protection and freewheel

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