Double-blade mower

DMF44 front mower

Double knives front mower

Efficient mowing with a working width from 2.10 m up to 3.75 m and power consumption from 1.5 kW/m working width

Sturdy construction
Environmentally friendly mowing technology
Low power consumption

Double blade front mower DMF44

Due to its low power-to-weight ratio, the SAUERBURGER DMF 44 double-blade front mower can be operated with vehicles with an engine output of 50 hp or more. The solid construction of the DMF 44 means that it can also be mounted on powerful tractors.

The lightness of the mower units, the low power consumption, and the resulting fuel savings and high area output enable a very economical and ecologically valuable mode of operation.

Double blades are gentle on the insects

The double blade technology meets the demands for an environmentally and insect-friendly mowing technique for all green and nature conservation areas. The gentle shear cut and the gentle depositing of the forage (clippings) behind the cutter bar ensures maximum protection of all living creatures. With the appropriate cutting height, even ground-nesting birds are not endangered.

The neatly cut plant stems reduce the bleeding of the cuts and thus favour regrowth.

The wide, even crop placement also improves the drying process, which is why tedding (turning) of the crop can be reduced.

The gentle, non-rotating cut of the double knife does not spread dirt in the crop, resulting in significantly less forage contamination.

Variable application possibilities

Perfekt in Kombination mit einem DMS
Heck + Front Anbau
für niedrige, magere, trockene Bestände
Schwadbleche lang
zur Grassamengewinnung
Ausführung Grassamenernte
mit Halmteilern und Grasniederhaltern
ideal zum Freiräumen für nachfolgende Schneidwerke
für große Räumbreiten (z.B. zur Grünfutterernte
um bodenschonend zu arbeiten
Hydr. Antrieb über Aggregat
durch Schlepperzapfwelle
Working width
Transport width
Number of skid shoes
DMF44 2100
2,10 m
2,35 m
3 pcs
250 kg
DMF44 2400
2,40 m
2,65 m
4 pcs
260 kg
DMF44 2750
2,75 m
3,00 m
4 pcs
270 kg
DMF44 3100
3,10 m
3,35 m
4 pcs
280 kg
DMF44 3750
3,75 m
4,00 m
4 pcs
300 kg

Standard features

Height adjustable pendulum three-point trestle cat. I and II
BIDUX cutting unit with unequal blade pitch 70 / 84 mm CARBODUX knife blades serrated
Drive via tractor hydraulics (delivery rate up to 30 L/min, max. 180 bar)
Hardox outsoles (30 mm - 250 mm)
Digital speed display
Standard hydraulic plug-in couplings BG3
Drawbar instead of top link

Special features

Hydr. Drive via power unit through tractor PTO 540 rpm
Hydr. Drive via power unit through tractor PTO 1000 rpm
PTO shaft rotation direction clockwise facing tractor stump
Spare blades 1 set
Swath plates (pair)
Swath plates long (pair)
Swath drums
Tine wheels (2 or 3)
Euro 8 and various yard / wheel loader receptacles
Device triangle cat 0
Device triangle Cat 1, 2, 3
Device triangle municipal
Upper and lower knife smooth
Parallelogram guide
Execution grass seed harvest
Lighting system
Mechanical spring relief
Hydraulic plug-in couplings flat sealing
Outsole 260 mm wide
Additional set of outsoles for cutting unit
Replacement knife blades and countersunk rivets
Hydraulic oil cooler

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