Roundabout mulcher


for optimal maintenance of grass verges, parks and golf courses

The roundabout mulcher with hyd. Foldable with automatic shut-off and mechanical transport lock, for maximum comfort

Sturdy construction
as foldable and rigid version
clean cutting pattern

TAIFUN - The modular roundabout mulcher for large-area mulching of grass

The SAUERBURGER roundabout mulchers of the TAIFUN series are characterised by their stability and clean cutting pattern. The cuttings are cut short and distributed evenly over the area. This guarantees a fast rotting process and no damage to the turf due to rotting. The height-adjustable feeler wheels and running roller scan the mowing horizon precisely, ensuring a perfect cutting pattern.

Foldable version:

In this mulcher, the basic unit with the three existing blade rotors is driven mechanically via high-performance V-belts. The two side sections can be swivelled up hydraulically in narrow places and automatically switched off in the process.

Folding version with hydraulic shut-off
Perfect scanning of the mowing horizon
TAIFUN 1600 (rigid)
TAIFUN 1900 (rigid)
TAIFUN 2500 (rigid)
TAIFUN 3000 (foldable)
TAIFUN 400 (foldable)
Working width
1,60 m
1,90 m
2,50 m
3,00 m
4,00 m
Transport width
1,68 m
1,98 m
2,58 m
2,15 m
2,32 m
Anzahl der Messerkreise
PTO speed
1000 rpm
1000 rpm
1000 rpm
1000 rpm
1000 rpm
Power requirement
37 kW / 25 HP
22 kW / 30 HP
29 kW / 40 HP
37 kW / 50 HP
44 kW / 60 HP
300 kg
350 kg
450 kg
504 kg
614 kg

Standard features

TAIFUN 1600, 1900, 2500
Reinforced sheet steel housing
Drive of the rotors via high-performance V-belts
4 support wheels steplessly adjustable in height and rotatable through 360
Sliding plate underneath the knives
TAIFUN 3000, 4000
Reinforced sheet steel housing
Drive of the centre rotors via high-performance V-belts
The boom rotors are driven hydraulically
4 Stützräder stufenlos in der Höhe verstellbar und um 360° drehbar
Sliding plate underneath the knives
mechanical transport lock

Special features

Roller Ø168,3 mm (TAIFUN 1600, 1900, 2500)
Copy wheel front
Copying wheels sideways
Hydraulic unit with oil cooler (TAIFUN 3000, 4000)

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